Main lectures:

Luis Amaral (Northwestern University)
Experimental and computational investigations of the dynamics of developmental decisions

Martine Ben Amar (UPMC, Paris)
Morphoelasticity in embryogenesis and medicine

Nikolay Dokholyan (UNC, Chapel Hill)
Communication networks in biological molecules

Jack Griffith (UNC, Chapel Hill)
How telomeres protect the ends of our chromosomes
Visualization of how replication forks move from phage to Herpes viruses

Jeff Holly (University of Bristol)
Cancer in the Post-Genomic Era.
Cancer should be largely preventable: the role of lifestyle.

Sui Huang (Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle)
Cell fate decisions as critical state transitions – Theory & experiments
Non-genetic, non-linear dynamics in cancer progression

Tim Liedl (LMU, Munich)
DNA origami and DNA tensegrity
Sculpting light with self-assembling nanostructures

Michel Labouesse (UPMC, Paris)
Polarising embryonic elongation through mechanical forces
Cell elasticity and mechanical stress

Fred MacKintosh (Rice University)
Cytoskeletal networks and extracellular matrices
Non-equilibrium properties of active matter

Leonid Mirny (MIT, Cambridge)
Biophysics of chromosomes

Guido Tiana (Univesity of Milan)
Maximum-entropy techniques to model complex biological molecules
The complex structure of chromatin

Jeffrey S. Urbach (Georgetown University)
Nonlinear mechanics of biopolymer networks.
Cellular mechanosensing and neuronal mechanics.

Alessandro Vespignani (Northeastern University)
Contagion process in complex networks

Invited talks:

Cristina Nadalutti (UNC, Chapel Hill) Different aspects of the mitochondria metabolism

Elisabeth A. Proctor (MIT) Systems Analysis of Immune Signaling in Disease: Toward Complex Biomarkers and Novel Therapeutic Strategies

Yuval Tabach (Hebrew University) Uncovering The Diseasome Through Comparative Genomics df 500 Species.

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